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Margaret Bucholz

Margaret Bucholz

Margeret Bucholz’s formative years were spent in Japan and attending Yokohama International School till age 9 and then she lived in Hawaii until graduation with a Fine Arts degree in Drawing and Painting from the University of Hawaii. She believes that It is so gratifying to be able to work with children and adults as an art teacher at DuPage Art League and Addison Parks District and seeing art in the making. The title of her art piece is “Victory Garden.” As she has made progress on this piece, she has shared snapshots on the journey with her art classes. She deliberately painted children in the picture working in the garden because it is so important for children to learn the importance of growing fresh produce for food. The victory gardens started during World War II were so important in the production of food for the general public on the home front, and with hunger and poor nutrition prevalent in today’s society, she believes that everyone needs to be reminded of the importance of growing our own food.

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