Shivam Kak

Graphic Design Intern

Shivam Kak is a current sophomore at Metea Valley High School. Ambitiously pursuing his passion for public speaking, over the past two years he has invested himself in numerous communication-oriented activities. Alongside state-level achievement in DECA and Youth and Government legislation, Shivam has performed on his school’s speech team in informative speaking (INFO) and has received numerous accolades throughout the year. Furthermore, he is a founding member of MVMUN, Metea’s first-annual Model United Nations conference, in which he is a vice-chairman. He continued his activity in spreading proactive learning by tutoring with the Merry Tutor, a local non-profit that teaches fundamental curriculum to young impoverished students. Yet, Shivam’s love is reserved for creative multimedia and fine arts. While also dabbling in CSS web design, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, Shivam was one of two sophomores admitted into his school's prestigious wind ensemble band. He is a freelance music designer on SoundCloud (@Shiv A.M.), and he enjoys spreading his percussive acumen to younger students in a private studio setting. As a graphic design intern with the Obama Legacy Initiative, Shivam will strive to apply his creative intuition to spread the OLI’s virtuous hope of food accessibility.