Sanjay Ganesh

Community Outreach Intern

Sanjay Ganesh is currently a sophomore at Neuqua Valley High School and is a part of the Obama Legacy Initiative's Community Outreach program. He loves helping others and doing everything he can to truly benefit his community. He is part of INTERACT, the volunteering club at Neuqua, he volunteers at a local hospital, and he is a hard-working lobbyist in the Illinois Youth and Government program. He is also the proud co-founder of a purely student-led non-profit organization, Srilankan Tamil Students' Association, which works to promote and celebrate the SriLankan Tamil culture. He aspires to help bring about meaningful change in the world around him, and found OLI's mission statement to be one that he held close to his heart. Sanjay is ready to work with the Obama Legacy Initiative to truly create an impact in our society today by coming together in this fight against food insecurity!