Kishor Moorthy

Co-Chair of Interns

Kishor Moorthy is a junior in high school. He enjoys playing baseball, being involved in various school clubs, and playing the violin in orchestra. Kishor started the TED-Ed Club at his school and is a part of the Principal’s Advisory Board. He cares about equity and inclusion and looks for opportunities to be involved. For the last four years, Kishor has tutored over 60 students in math through his MathSitters initiative. He volunteers in the community, loves to watch sports and play basketball with friends. Along with a friend, Kishor has started The BTW Podcast, which is a segment-based business podcast. One of his unique hobbies is magic. For the past 10 years, Kishor has loved performing magic to his friends and families. Kishor feels that food insecurity should not exist in our communities because the world has an abundance of food. He is dedicated to OLI to help create solutions to help those in need.