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The Movement is Growing Coast to Coast!
Ed Agustin
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The Movement is Growing Coast to Coast!

California, Florida, now Illinois

The idea of naming places and things after President Obama is not limited to our actions here in Illinois. Lawmakers in the State of California have recently approved naming a portion of California Highway 134 as President Barack H. Obama Highway. This location on northern Los Angeles is near Occidental College where the recent president had briefly attended.

The State of Florida has also gotten into the movement by renaming roads in honor of the president. Old Dixie Highway in Riviera Beach, Florida is now officially President Barack Obama Highway. Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas Masters was quoted as saying that the name Old Dixie had paid homage to an era that glorified slavery. “This name was symbolic of racism, the Klan, cross burnings and we are stepping up to a new day, a new era”.

We may not be the first to honor our past president in this manner but we are making steps to join in the states that recognize the need to remember President Obama this way. The portion of I-55 between East St. Louis and Chicago has been presented for being renamed Barack Obama Presidential Expressway. Further action by our lawmakers is still needed to pass this bill into law. Our continued efforts in promoting this honor to our president are necessary to apply pressure in Springfield to complete this task.

The State of Illinois is the home of President Obama and we must recognize his tremendous accomplishments in our state and in our nation by the exemplary manner in which he represented us and served us in Springfield and in Washington.

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