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Obama Legacy Initiative Garden Network
Fred Greenwood
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Obama Legacy Initiative Garden Network

Did you know? The Obama Legacy Initiative supports the naming of public spaces to honor the 44th President, Barack Obama & recognition of the many wonderful contributions of First Lady Michelle Obama. 

The OLI Initiative especially honors her efforts to promote healthy eating and an active lifestyle for all children. Her White House Garden received international attention and helped build awareness not only of the importance of eating well, but even inspired thousands to learn how to grow and care for their families through cultivation of all sizes of gardens to nourish our bodies and minds with fruits and vegetables! 

To commemorate her efforts, we invite and encourage gardeners all over this country to dedicate their gardens big and small to Michelle Obama by becoming an Obama Legacy Initiative (OLI) Garden. 

In 1943, during WWII, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt encouraged the American people to create Victory Gardens to increase the nation' s food production. It was estimated that there were over five million family gardens planted in that same year. 

The need today is just as critical: too many people are suffering from obesity, diabetes and a host of illnesses, often related to an impoverished diet. Following the lead of the Obamas, many gardens have been created, often in urban areas described as "food deserts" and are helping to provide a more nutritious diet for many. 

The OLI Garden Project supports urban, community and home gardens. We provide information and resources to these groups and we love to share their success stories! 

Want to help change your community? If your church, club, civic or community organization wishes to learn how plant gardens as a project, with the intention of providing products to food pantries and food banks, contact us for how YOU can join the movement - and Make America Healthy Again!

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