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Read these articles about locations throughout the country named after our 44th President.

President Barack Obama Parkway
Don Gingold
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President Barack Obama Parkway

Orlando, Florida

MetroPlan Orlando has a 20-year vision for transportation in Florida. Becoming the first in the nation to name a road after Barack Obama wound up being part of that vision.

On October 11, 2011, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer cut the ribbon on Phase 1 of the President Barack Obama Parkway. By coincidence, Obama happened to be in Orlando attending a couple of fundraisers, but he was not among the notables at the ceremony. In attendance were City of Orlando Commissioners Patty Sheehan, Daisy Lynum and Samuel Ings, the Mayor and representatives from Hubbard Construction.

The new roadway included lanes for biking commuters as well as sidewalks for pedestrians and lighting and a stoplight at one intersection. Construction provided 150 jobs from June 2010 until it was completed, ahead of schedule, in the fall of 2011.

The first phase of President Obama Parkway built about 1.5 miles of road and a second phase is planned that will extend even further. A design for Phase 2 was completed in 2014, but Orlando has been unable to start the project due to a number of other priorities and a limited amount of funding. Drivers in the area are eagerly awaiting the second phase.

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