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We are empowering citizens and communities across the nation to honor President Barack Obama's legacy by naming programs or physical spaces after him.


We Are The Obama Legacy Initiative

We provide technical and media support to legislators, educators, students, community advocates and organizations who wish to name programs or physical spaces such as schools, parks or community centers after President Obama. Learn more about our organization and contact us if we can help you commemorate the Obama legacy in your own community.


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Can we create a lasting legacy for President Barack Obama?

Yes We Can!

Won't you please help us promote awareness and celebration of the wonderful legacy of our 44th President? President Barack Obama has acheived much during his terms in office. You can help preserve his legacy by helping us spread the word and provide support in this Initiative!

The Obama Legacy Initiative is a 501-3(c) not-for-profit organization. As such, donations are tax-deductible. We are led by a volunteer board. We pride ourselves on being careful stewards of every dollar received to ensure we focus the majority of our resources and funds for naming initiatives.

Please give generously.

Special Offer to our Donors!

Start Your Own Obama Library

The Obama Foundation is working toward a Presidential Library in Chicago. But don't wait for that! Start your own! We'll give you a book when you donate to the Obama Legacy Initiative. Take a look at our donation premiumns!

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